Throughout the year, Anders Hviid-Haglund will travel the coastlines of Denmark – following the path of the three waves along the shores to the cardinal points of the Sound, the Great Belt, and the Little Belt.

During the entirety of 2019, he will capture 52 photographs. One per week. As a personal narrative, the project is a prolonged immersion into the poetry of the Danish waters – one that can only be captured by experiencing them in their entirety as the seasons come and go along the shores.


Let´s make it complicated

Purposefully complicating the process, the motifs of the Waves of Blue Project will be captured through the lens of Anders Hviid-Haglund’s 4x5 Sinar view camera, resulting in analogue polaroids and sheet negatives.

“It is an opportunity to go back to core photography values via a difficult process – that demands my complete focus – to only experience and document.”, says Anders Hviid-Haglund.

Taken from a human viewpoint along the shores of the three waves, the motifs all depict a moment in time of the Danish waters and their eternal horizon.

Limited edition art prints of the 52 photographs will be available for purchase.


“What is beautiful about photography is that you can capture a moment exactly as it is, and close it off from the world, telling a story that is completely unpolished.

Proud to be chosen by Royal Copenhagen to dive into the waters of their trademark, this is a project that is very much me.

The Waves of Blue Project is a chance to immerse myself in something of depth and lasting value – to discover the beauty that exists all around us, but which we rarely take time to truly see. A venture into the calmness and poetry of the waves of blue.”


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Discovering the three waves

More than 244 years ago, Royal Copenhagen was born from the sea; from the three main waterways of Denmark marked on every piece of porcelain. This trademark links the brand inextricably to the waters of Denmark.

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It is with huge humility that I approach this  project


Explore the photographs and take a peek behind the scenes.